#Provident Fund February Return Due today 25th March 2019.

Any person who employs 20 or more employees have to register himself under the PF Act, 1952 and start a provident fund scheme for the employees in his organization.
PF contribution paid by the employer and employee is 12% of (basic salary + dearness allowance + retaining allowance). Equal contribution is payable by the employee and employer.
It is necessary that employees’ drawing less than Rs 15,000 per month, to become members of the EPF.
Provident Fund Returns Due for the month of February 2019 today 25th March 2019. File your returns on time to avoid any late filing penalties.

Ask for a UDIN Number, if Getting Documents Certified/attested by a #Charteredaccountant from 01st January 2019.

From 01st January 2019 Every Certification from Chartered Accountant should have a UDIN Number
UDIN is a unique number, which will be generated for every document certified/ attested by Practising Chartered Accountants and registered with the UDIN portal- https://udin.icai.org/ .
The said portal offers the facility to various Regulators/Banks/Authorities/Other Stakeholders to check the authenticity of the documents certified by Practicing Chartered Accountants who are registered on the said portal. It would help in tracing of forged/wrong documents prepared by any third person in the name of Chartered Accountant. As a person other than Chartered Accountant will not be able to upload the documents on the said portal.
In order to reinforce the objective and to ascertain legal and proper chartered accountancy in India, ICAI has mandated the requirement of UDIN with effect from 1st January, 2019

Transfer of Securities only in Demat form from 01st April 2019 & it’s exceptions

Earlier on 28th March , 2018 it was decided that 05th December 2018 would be the last date after which no transfer of securities would be allowed if the securities are not converted to Dematerialized form.
For example if you had shares bought long back and you have the physical shares certificates then you need to worry as deadline was set before 05 th December 2018
Now it has been decided to extend this due date from 05th December 2018 to 01st April 2019.
Who don’t have to Worry about the Due date 01st APRIL 2019, and can still keep physical share certificates
Exceptions to this due date:-
1. Transmission:-Transmission means transfer of the title of shares to the surviving holders on account of death of one of the holders. 
2.Transposion:-Transposition means that if  the shares are held in the name of Ram Sharma and customer has a demat account in the reverse order i.e. name of Sharma Ram – the shares can be dematerialised in the same account, and  a new demat account in the name of Ram Sharma would not be required. The client has to submit the shares and the demat request form along with transposition form.
In this 2 type of case if you have physical share certificates even after 01st April 2019 , DONT WORRY you can transfer the physical certificates even after 01st April 2019 and there is no restriction on you to convert it in Dematerilized form.
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